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About Surviving What's Coming

Surviving What's Coming was created to be a valuable resource for beginners to learn about the world of prepping. The term "prepping" is the daily practice of making active preparations for a possible catastrophic disaster or emergency, typically by stockpiling food, water, weapons, medical supplies, assets, money, and other necessities. Prepping also encompasses developing a survival mindset and practical skillsets to adapt to a chaotic change of environment or lifestyle.

The goal is to decrease the sense of uncertainty and insecurity and maximize the chance of long term survival during times of disaster. Most uninformed people may not consider prepping important but people who have faced any large scale crises are totally aware of it’s worth. It’s not a matter of if it will be needed, but when. It is said that the two best times to get prepared was 10 years ago and today.

In today's landscape of pandemic level health risk, political unrest, and an economic climate on the brink of collapse, it's understandable that families like yours and mine are curious about what we can do to help Survive What's Coming. Together we can educate each other, get prepared, and collaborate to help provide the essential support we will all need during our darkest hour.


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