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About Surviving What's Coming

Welcome to Surviving What's Coming, the ultimate online resource for beginners to learn about emergency preparedness and prepping. Prepping involves actively making preparations for potential catastrophic disasters or emergencies, such as stockpiling essentials like food, water, weapons, medical supplies, assets, and money. It also includes developing a survival mindset and practical skills to adapt to chaotic changes in one's environment or lifestyle.

Our goal is to decrease uncertainty and increase the chances of long-term survival during times of disaster. While some may not consider prepping important, those who have faced large-scale crises know its worth. It's not a matter of if a disaster will strike, but when. As they say, the two best times to prepare were 10 years ago and today.

In today's world, where there are pandemic-level health risks, political unrest, and an economic climate on the brink of collapse, it's understandable that families like yours and mine are seeking ways to prepare and help each other. At Surviving What's Coming, we believe that by educating ourselves, preparing together, and collaborating, we can provide the essential support we will all need during our darkest hour. Join us and start your journey towards emergency preparedness today.


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