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Stocking Up On Canned Goods For Current Food Shortage! (Emergency Preparedness)

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

If for some reason you've been hiding under a rock lately, the United States is going through a food shortage. Pay really close attantion (if you haven't already) during your next trip to the grocery store or your local Walmart. The shelves aren't stocked with lots of items that you normally see, and what is on the shelves are not in the quantities you normally are use to seeing.

Many canned good vegatable varieties are slim at many stores, especially those that are named brand. We've heard about how our meat supply has slowed down for reasons associated with the pandemic. Global tensions with countries that supply a huge amount of our aluminum will have a great on our ability to keen canning. The growing political and social justice atmosphere is sure to keep everyone on high alert, and it wont take much more to make things get much worse.

We've all seen what happens to the store shelves when news escalates for the worse. For these reasons and more, we want to help prepare everyone as best we can while there seems to be some time left to get prepared. Stocking up on canned goods is a wonderful addition to your prepping pantry. When you go food shopping, a great rule of thumb to use is "Get One, Stock One". Whether you chose to stock one extra at a time or as much as you can afford to, both are great options. The most important thing to do is just to GET STARTED IMMEDIATELY!

Canned goods come in four categories, (Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, and Sauces). You want to get a balanced stock pile of all of these because during hard times what you consume will matter even more. The body can go through many more calories and important nutrients while under stress. Some of the important things to look out for are things like expiration date, dented cans, and food items that will really stretch a meal. As an example, a trip to your local dollar store can help to build your supplies up without breaking the bank. A simple box of noodles and a jar of tomato sauce will only run you $2 and will probably feed a family of 4 in a pinch!

(Additional Prepping Tip: Below is a Vittles Vault Outback 25lb container. It has a Gamma Seal airtight lid which is great for storing preps like rice, beans and pasta for longterm storage. The link below take you to the Amazon Outlet link for a great price!)

Also make sure to rotate your supplies. Consume your earlier purchases first and your latest purchases last to keep your epiration dates out the longest. The best buy dates on the can are a guide but the food can last many years past that date especially if the cans are not dented or swollen. Throw dented and swollen cans away as they can make food go bad really quick. If the can are still good even after many years, give it the smell test just to be sure. Even after that, it's best to still cook it to a boil rather to eat directly out of the can.

ADDITIONAL PREPPING TIP: In a short power outage or a full grid-down scenerio, most people forget the importance of having a good manual can opener instead of your electric one. You're gonna be pretty upset with yourself with lots of cans of food and no can opener! Below, I have listed a manual can opener that soldiers use for their food. It comes in two sizes, a P-38 and a P-51. They're small enough to attach to your key ring (so your never without it in an emergency situation, only cost a couple bucks, and they are AMAZING!

Hopefully this informatiom has been helpful. Share our blog page with your friends and family so everyone can become better informed about emergency preparedness. Our blog link is We thank you for following us and we look forward to continuing to serve you.

Coach Dex / Surviving What's Coming

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