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What is "Surviving What's Coming"?

Updated: May 11, 2020

Surviving What's Coming is a website that was created to help educate people on things that they can do to help prepare and survive what is to come. Between the current health crisis worldwide, our economy that's facing collapse, political unrest all over the world, growing food shortages and catastrophic weather events, just to name a few, many families are quickly realizing that the world we once knew is no more.

This is a place everyone can all come to learn, teach, collaborate and support each other while building relationships, skills and resources to better protect our families and neighbors. We have just begun to see how just one event can cripple the entire world. What happens when more stress is placed upon us all? We see how things like unemployment has half of Americans out of work. We see how quickly store shelves can be decimated in a matter of hours. Not being prepared is no longer an option as times will continue to worsen.

Together, we can put ourselves in position with the much needed information, education, and training to not only survive but thrive when thing are at their worst. Together, we can help change our family's future as so many will be unprepared. We look forward to you becoming a part of the Surviving What's Coming family and hope that you will share us with your friends and family too.

Thanks for growing with us right from the start!

Dex M. / Founder of SWC

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