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What's A Bug Out Bag?

The Bug Out Bag

What is a bug out bag?

A bug out bag is a backpack full of gear and supplies that would help you survive in an emergency situation. The bug out bag is meant to provide you the means to survive for three days to a week’s length in whatever situation you’re thrown into. Bug out bags are most popular with people who live in towns or cities, because they may want to leave if a disaster happens, because of the crime and violence that often accompanies hurricanes, floods, etc. That being said, many people who live in rural areas also have a bug out bag, just in case a scenario arrives that requires people to leave. A bug out bag is a tool for those who are prepared for a quick departure in an emergency.

Why should I make a bug out bag?

Even if you never think you’ll need to leave your home during an emergency, you need to have options. A bug out bag is a great tool, because of the versatility it provides a person. A bug out bag is so easily transported that there’s no reason you should ever be without it. You can take it with you in your vehicle, to your work, or just leave it at your home. No matter where you go, you should have access to it.

What should I put in my bug out bag?

There are many items that can be put into a bug out bag that will help you in a survival situation. First aid supplies should be a top priority for you, as you can help your family, friends, and anyone else during an emergency. A good, quality knife and multitool should also be high on your list. Carry fire starting material, a cup to boil water, and some water storage, and you’ll be able to survive for a good amount of time. A few protien bars, tuna and crackers, peanuts or beef jerky are just a few of the small items you could store in you bug out bag. Also, depending on where you live, consider carrying a reflective emergency blanket. If you carry even this much gear, you should be good to survive until you can find a more permanent survival situation.

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