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30 Minute - 1 on 1 Strategy Session

Understanding your needs and choosing the correct path.

  • 30 min
  • 30 US dollars
  • Video conferencing or by phone

Service Description

During this explorer call, we will address things like: 1. (The Basics) - What do you think prepping is? Where does your interest in prepping come from? What Emergency Preparedness concerns do you have for your household? Etc... 2. Based on your location, what additional prepping areas should you be looking at? Is your area prone to disaters like floods, wild fires, storms, power outages? What are some ways to prepare for these types of disasters? 3. What resources and knowledge do you currently have that can be part of your preparedness foundation? (Have you gone through an emergency situation in the past?, Do you have any skills / training in areas of emergency preparedness?) Etc... 4. What are your long term preparedness goals? (How much food and water storage are you thinking about? Are you considering growing your own food? Are you planning for just your household or other family / friends?). 5. We will also cover how events in many different categories are affecting your ability to get ready fast enough, and how they are all coming together to potentially do more damage than you know. (i.e. - Inflation, food shortages. shipping crises, pandemic, etc.) 6. We will cover my Top 10 Emergency Preparedness Items list for your starter home emergency kit. And much more...

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